Thank you for taking the time to visit this page, the questionnaire part of the research is now closed. Thank you to all those who have contributed. Please check our ‘News and Updates’ page for the latest news on the project and feel free to contact us by emailing if there is anything else you’d like to tell us about support services for women.


This research is being conducted by researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University, in conjunction with specialist workers from Manchester and Trafford Rape Crisis Centres and from Manchester Action on Street Health. Whatever you tell us here is entirely anonymous and the researchers undertake to treat what you tell us with care and confidentiality.

We have created this questionnaire to help us to collect the views of women who have experienced rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, any other form of sexual exploitation or unwanted sex about the types of services that help, after these experiences. The research concerns women who live in Greater Manchester, England.

We will use the information to allow us to create a report that will be shared with our funders Lloyds Bank Foundation, who have made this research possible, and with others who are interested in this work. We will aim to use the results to help everyone to work on designing and creating the kinds of services that women want.

If you find the questions difficult please do feel free to leave the questionnaire at any point. We have tried to keep this short and relatively simple to complete and so we hope that you will be able to share your ideas with us. We recognise that answering these questions may bring up upsetting feelings. If you have concerns that what you want to tell us might compromise your anonymity or if you would like someone to support you while you complete the questionnaire then please contact us, by emailing

Unfortunately we cannot facilitate the translation of this questionnaire into community languages. However we will endeavour to find you someone who can help you to complete this questionnaire, if English is not easy for you. Please email us for support,

We expect the questionnaire to take you around 15 to 20 minutes to complete but this could be longer, if there is a lot that you want to tell us. This research is accompanied by a website, and you can also use this to contribute to the research:

Thank you for your help with this project.

Kate and Becky, on behalf of the research team.