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We are two students from Manchester Metropolitan University, currently in the summer break between 2nd and 3rd year of our bachelors in Criminology and Sociology. During our second year, Becky Clarke taught one of our units, ‘Deconstructing Gender’. During this time, we all got to know each other very well and our passion for issues surrounding gender and women’s lives became clear to Becky. Once our second year of studying was finished, Becky offered us the opportunity to get involved with Voices of Survivors as research assistants. We were both so overwhelmed by this because of just how beneficial it would be for us in so many different ways. For us, doing this project is amazing first of all because of the fact we are working with women, for women. We have had the opportunity to visit all three partner organisations and learn from each one in different ways. Learning about services that are offered will undoubtedly assist us in our studies as reading about things can only help so much, we feel it is so important to see how women are truly affected by them in order to make a change. We are passionate about working in such a way, from a feminist perspective, to find out what women really want from services that are offered to them.