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I am an academic who works out of the Sociology department at Manchester Metropolitan University. I am committed to doing critical social research which seeks to expose, analyse and campaign around injustice and inequality. Through my teaching, research and wider work with communities I want to work collectively to challenge the marginalisation and criminalisation of groups who are often characterised by difference. To counter the silencing of individuals and groups who are constructed in relation to their gender, race, sexuality, disability or ‘otherness’.

I continue to work in support of and service to a number of charitable and campaigning organisations, such as JENGbA, Women in Prison, Clean Break and the Care Leavers Association.

Being part of the Voices of Survivors project is a chance for me to contribute to an exciting project with new organisations, groups and communities, with the shared goal of hearing women survivors and creating a change in the support and services available to them in response to experiences of sexual violence, exploitation and harm.

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